Why You Should Care about Amazon Reviews

Why You Should Care about Amazon Reviews
Why You Should Care about Amazon Reviews

When you first become a seller on Amazon, you learn very quickly that there are two types of evaluations that customers can use: seller feedback, and product reviews. Many times, product reviews are next to impossible to monitor, control, or count on. If you are selling a product that many other merchants also offer, the reviews for that product could be tied to any one of those merchants – meaning your buyers will see reviews based on a product provided by a totally different seller.

For this reason, many Amazon sellers focus more on seller feedback than they do product reviews. And, in general, that’s probably the best choice. While seller feedback isn’t as prominent as product reviews, and most buyers don’t consider seller ratings a major decision factor when purchasing items on Amazon, there are several ways that feedback can increase your sales, including helping you win the Buy Box, and keeping your account in good standing with Amazon.

But that doesn’t mean you should write off product reviews for good. Here are some reasons why it pays to keep an eye on customer reviews:

Fake Amazon Reviews Can Get You in Trouble

For the past year, Amazon has been cracking down on fake reviews. By “fake”, we mean both reviews that were posted by sock puppet accounts (wherein a seller created a fake account to boost their own listing), or reviews that were paid for (wherein a seller paid a service to leave a favorable review on their listing).

Amazon has not only sued the services that provide paid-for reviews, they’ve also recently begun suing sellers themselves for posting fake reviews. If you want to be sure that you never come under suspicion, it may be a good idea to watch for anything you suspect may be fake.

Here are some ways to spot a fake review:

  • The review is very vague, and doesn’t mention the product by name or description.
  • The review uses marketing-style language, such as “great product for anyone!”
  • The reviewer has never written any other reviews, or their reviews are all similar or exactly the same.
  • The reviewer has written a ton of reviews in a very short period of time.

Good Reviews Mean More Visibility

One of the reasons that automating and managing your feedback with FeedbackEmails is so important is that good seller feedback can get you more visibility. In fact, a great seller rating leads to a better shot at the Buy Box, which can result in a huge uptick in sales.

Similarly, a large number of good reviews can lead to more visibility when buyers search for products on Amazon. When a buyer searches for a product on Amazon, the results are listed by Relevance, by default. But if you’ve ever paid attention to the way Amazon’s system works, you’ll notice that “Relevance” is often determined by the number of sales a product has, which are often directly linked to a high number of good reviews.

Additionally, many customers choose to sort search results by Avg. Customer Review, in order to view items by what they perceive as the highest quality, according to the item’s popularity among other customers.

Product Reviews Are Great Research

If you’ve ever wanted to understand your target market better, just read their reviews. You’ll begin to notice trends about what your buyers want and need very quickly. For example, you may sell computer parts to a tech-centric crowd, and think that you offer everything that your customers need in terms of basic items.

But in reading your product reviews, you notice a major trend of reviewers mentioning that the product they got from you can’t be found for the same price anywhere else. Now you know that your customers are looking for hard-to-find parts, and you may be able to leverage that knowledge to get more sales on new products in the future.

Feedback helps with this as well. If the seller feedback you’re getting after FeedbackEmails has automated your requests indicates that shipping is a major concern for your customers, you’ll know to increase the quality of your packaging every chance you get.

Reviews Matter More for Private Label Sellers

If you are the owner of the brand or product that you are selling through Amazon, of course product reviews will matter even more to your business. You need to be sure that your product is performing well in order to ensure that it sells. As with all other sellers, you can monitor product reviews to learn about customer trends, to gain more visibility, and to keep yourself safe from disallowed fake reviews.

As you work on improving your product or your brand, you can use reviews to inform your decisions the same way the standard FBA or non-FBA Amazon seller would use feedback to improve their customer service. Pay attention to what buyers love or don’t love, and work on developing your line into something that meets needs. In a way, product reviews act as free market testing, albeit very public testing.

Following Up

While FeedbackEmails’ service is to request seller feedback from your buyers, you can easily add a message requesting a product review, along with a link, in our email template. Following up on your transactions in this way can make it far more likely that you’ll receive reviews at all.

Additionally, following up on bad reviews by reaching out to the customer may be a good idea at times. You may find that an email through Amazon’s buyer-seller system can clear up a customer service issue that may just lead to a revised rating. As an absolute last resort, some sellers may find that replying to a bad review to correct misinformation can help convert browsers into buyers. But be wary of this step, and make your reply as positive and helpful as possible.

Choosing to monitor reviews, request them through a service like FeedbackEmails, and use the knowledge you gain from them to develop your product line, is just one more great way you can turn your Amazon sales business into a success.

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