The new seller guide to building Amazon feedback

Amazon New Seller Guide

Starting a new business is exciting, daunting and stressful, all at once. You have so much to think about and do that it is easy to get a little overwhelmed. Starting as an Amazon seller is no different. Whether you are holding your stock or using Fulfilled by Amazon, there are some challenges that Amazon sellers have to contend with that are unique to this business, and one of those is feedback.

Feedback is essential for new sellers, as it is all Amazon sellers, as it exists as your reputation online. It is how other consumers know you are a trustworthy seller who provides an excellent service, and also affects how Amazon itself views your business.

The problem is, getting feedback as an Amazon seller is not as easy as it should be, the system doesn’t separate individual sellers from the product, and that means it is often a forgotten part of the sales process. For new sellers, getting the first few feedbacks from customers is a real challenge, but crucial to building a successful business.

Without feedback, someone may instinctively look elsewhere for their purchase, but there are things you can do to make it more likely to gain that all-important feedback though, and luckily none are too difficult to try.
The first and most natural approach is to merely message your customers once the purchase is completed. You should never just ask for feedback. The best option is to ask if everything is OK with their product, explain you are there to help if they have any questions, and then finally, remind them that if they are happy, leaving feedback will help you out.

Sometimes, that reminder is all it needs to gain Amazon seller feedback, with the added benefit that this is easy to do and doesn’t take up much of your time. Another way to achieve this, especially for those not using Fulfilled by Amazon and sending out their products, is a personalized thank-you note inside each parcel you send out.

A note thanking the customer directly for their business, reminding them how to get in touch if there is any issue, and again, finally reminding them to leave feedback if they are happy can be effective. As with messaging, it is important to take a broader approach with the message; just a note about feedback will not always be so effective. Adding it into something that has value to the customer, thanking them, explaining how to get in touch, will be more readily accepted.

In addition to this, there are tools available to help you with feedback. Software such as Feebackemails automates the process of getting in touch and reminding customers about feedback, which in the early days of your business can be important. Having the time to do it all yourself can be difficult at the start when you are still learning every aspect, and the system can take care of everything for you.

The approach taken will depend on your preferences, but as an Amazon seller, no matter if you exclusively use Fulfilled by Amazon or hold your stock, feedback is an integral part of that initial launch phase of your Amazon seller business.

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