Shopping On Amazon – A Blessing or a Curse?

When Amazon started in 1995, they had a mission to be the world’s most customer-centric company, a place where a customer could find anything they want for an affordable price. For years, they have been successful in keeping that promise and maintaining their reputation as the world’s largest e-commerce company. The shopping experience,  the convenience to chose, and purchase from several available brands/sellers has made Amazon the world’s most preferred online shopping store for the buyers.

With one time Amazon prime payment of $119, a buyer can get a year of unlimited free two days shipping on all orders. The students can get Prime for as low as $59 per year.  Amazon even offers same-day delivery for several items for free or very nominal charges with Prime. The convenience and the speedy delivery is encouraging buyers to shop online and save several trips to the supermarket or a gift shop, trying to find all the items on the list for hours.

All this has been made possible by the smart inventory disbursement where Amazon stores it inventories in different warehouses throughout the country to facilitate fast delivery on most items. Amazon lockers are now available in several cities if a buyer prefers to pick up their order than being delivered. Amazon delivery vans even make deliveries even on weekends!

The returns are effortless too. In case, the customer is not completely satisfied with the order, they can choose from one of the many available options of return for a full refund or free replacement.

Amazon provides marvelous customer service to its buyers. Their highly dedicated customer service team can be reached out either by phone or through email. Their response time is usually 12 hrs or less, and most of the issues resolve on time.
This convenience of shopping from home is turning to addiction for many buyers.  A sudden increase in the expenditure of households is noticed. Buyer tends to spend more when the returns are easy, and delivery is fast.  Given the ease of purchase and returns, buyers are tempted to purchase more than they need, thus encouraging extra spending per household.
Although online shopping is very convenient, it is demotivating the concept of local stores as they disappear day by day. Many stores like JCPenney, Sears, Barnes & Nobles, Toys R Us, and many more either went bankrupt or are trying hard to survive throughout the country. There is no way they can compete the online price with their store prices.

Amazon is now trying to root itself in grocery, and restaurant food deliveries with PrimeNow. It’s just a matter of time that our local grocery stores and favorite restaurants will go out of business. It’s a stress breaker to go and shop in stores or eat out. It’s also a family bonding outing for many which cannot be experienced by buying online. There is nothing best than going to the stores and choosing the best from the available physical items than deciding over pictures.

With Amazon trying to grow extensively almost everywhere, the fate of these stores remain unknown. It is a matter of time that many Mom and Pop  stores around in the neighborhood will end up with Padlock on their door. There are not many left anyways. So please take time, get into the car and support the local stores before they all disappear one by one.

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