Save Money and Take Control with

Save Money and Take Control with
Save Money and Take Control with

Whether you are a veteran Amazon seller, or you’ve just opened your store and created your first listing, there is something that you share: the need to earn and maintain a great seller feedback rating.

Why? In addition to providing you with a great rubric for how you are doing as a seller, high feedback ratings can:

  • Make it much easier to win the Buy Box.
  • Attract savvy shoppers who compare ratings when purchasing from the Amazon marketplace.
  • Keep your Amazon seller account open and unrestricted.

All of these things spell more sales for you. But how can you go about getting great feedback when customers are notoriously unwilling to leave any kind of reviews at all?

Amazon Feedback Requests

It may sound simple, but the best way to get feedback is to ask. While customers may be prompted by Amazon to leave reviews on their purchases, a personal request from a shop owner, along with an easy link to follow and a focus on excellent customer service, make a huge difference in the quantity of feedback you’ll receive.

FeedbackEmails makes it very simple to do this by automating your feedback requests. You can use our default email template, or edit or create your own, and set up FeedbackEmails to automatically send a request for every transaction. You can focus on maintaining your listings and providing customer service, while FeedbackEmails takes care of the requests.

That sounds like a great deal, right? But how do you know that you’re really saving money by choosing an automated request service? Let’s break down the costs in this article so you can see for yourself how FeedbackEmails can provide you with huge savings.

Cost of Doing Business

The job of sending feedback request emails falls squarely in the customer service realm, so we’ll look at the average salary of a customer service representative. As of 2016, that salary is just under $33,000, with just over $37,000 being the high end of the range.

For our purposes, let’s consider a customer service representative who makes $35,000 per year. At a standard 40-hour-per-week position, that only averages out to about $3.40 per hour.

At the average typing speed of 38 words per minute, and assuming that most customer service emails should be under 250 words (the length of one page), a person could write and send about 10 emails in an hour, or about 80 emails in a day, or 400 emails in a week.

That means that your labor cost per email is about $0.34, assuming that your customer service representative does nothing but send emails all day long.

However, once you consider all the other things that you must do as an Amazon seller, such as obtain stock, maintain your listings, prepare shipments, fix customer issues that arise, and research ongoing trends, you are probably looking at far less emails sent throughout the week. You may be able to send 80-100 in a week, dedicating a single day to only sending out emails and nothing more. You may not even be able to do that.

So, with your output being roughly 25% less than the customer service representative from our example, and your cost still being the same (because your labor is valuable, too—you could be spending this time making money in other ways), you’re looking at more like $1.36 per email, or four times the cost as a dedicated employee.

The Cost of FeedbackEmails

With FeedbackEmails, you have the choice between three plans:

  • Basic: The perfect plan for a small Amazon sales business. Send up to 3,000 emails per month for $12.99.
  • Standard: A great way to transition as your business grows. Send up to 6,000 emails per month for $22.99.
  • Pro: The best plan for a large, busy seller. Send up to 10,000 emails per month for $32.99.

At the rate we described above, the customer service representative would be sending about 1600 emails per month, so let’s look at the Basic plan first.

With our service, you get 3,000 emails for $12.99, which is less than a single penny per email. (The actual amount is $0.0043, or less than half a penny). When compared with the $1.36 per email it would cost you to send emails yourself, you can clearly see the savings! If you are sending all 3,000 emails per month, for 12 months out of the year, you’ll pay a whopping $32,400 total on your own – or $155.88 with us.

And that number doesn’t include the free month you can take advantage of with our services – you will actually only pay 142.89 for an entire year of emails.

And the savings just keeps getting more drastic with each plan. At the Standard plan, emails only cost $0.0038 per email. At the Pro plan, the number is $0.0033. As you can see, FeedbackEmails can make a huge difference in your budget.

Gain Control and Save Money

FeedbackEmails makes it easy for you to gain total control over the feedback request process. After you’ve created your email template, or edited our default template to include your personal message, you can set exclusion rules to stop the service from sending out emails to orders that were shipped late or out of the country, or choose to exclude certain SKUs altogether.

This is good for FBA sellers, who don’t control the shipping on FBA listings, and therefore can’t offer customer support to fix any complaints. You can also use the reporting tools within your FeedbackEmails account to audit your feedback requests periodically, and ensure that buyers are getting exactly what you need them to see.

Choosing to sell on Amazon is a major business decision, and it can lead to a lot of work. It can also lead to a lot of success, which is why so many online merchants are giving it a try. You can make the process easier, more affordable, and more powerful by choosing a service like FeedbackEmails.

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