New Items Promotion for FBA sellers

Amazon Promotion
Amazon Promotion

To further widen up the variety and range of products offered for sale, Amazon is offering the FBA sellers a promotion of waived storage fees and removal fees for any new ASIN listed for sale. Starting March 18, 2019, Amazon will waive off the monthly storage and the removal fees for the first 50 units for upto100 new ASIN’s created by FBA sellers. This promotional offer is only for the Amazon sellers with Inventory Performance Index (IPI) of 350 or more. Only the small and large standard size items qualify for this promotion. Oversized, media and used items or any ASIN added under an already existing parent ASIN is not eligible for this promotion.

Now might be a good time for many FBA sellers to list new items under the promotion. Enrolled sellers can take this advantage of waived fees for any new ASIN that qualifies for this promotion. Amazon has announced that it will waive off the monthly storage fees for the first 50 units of any new qualifying ASIN for up to 100 new ASIN until Sept 30, 2019. Sellers can also take advantage for free removals of these units, just in case, from July 1, 2019, until Sept 30, 2019.

However, to be eligible for this offer it is essential that the IPI of an FBA seller is more than 350 throughout the time of this promotion. If at any point, it falls below the score of 350, the promotion will be dropped off.

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