Four Mistakes That Could Get Your Amazon Account Suspended

As an FBA Amazon seller, you have the opportunity to sell everything from jewelry and apparel to vitamins and supplements, electronics, toys, games, books, and everything in between. To make sure that everything on their site is legal and safe, Amazon has a number of community standards and rules in place, though, and failing to understand (or just ignoring) these can get you in a lot of trouble.

If you’re just selling thrift store and eBay finds, or if you’re sourcing other common items, you might think that you’re in no danger of ever getting your account suspended. But you might be surprised by a few simple mistakes that could get you banned from making money as an Amazon FBA seller. Read through these and make sure you’re in good standing so that you can keep selling.

Selling Restricted Items Without Approval

To ensure consumer safety, some products are restricted or prohibited on Amazon. For example, you may not sell cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, and other tobacco products on Amazon, but you may sell tobacco pipes, hookahs, cigar cutters, and ashtrays.

While some products like this are obvious, there are others that are less so, such as some of the restrictions on jewelry sales. You may not, for example, sell “gold or silver products that are not stamped in compliance with applicable laws,” and glass-filled rubies are also prohibited. You can find a full list of different types of products with links to prohibited items here. Even if you think that your products should obviously be unrestricted, take a look at the rules to ensure you’re not breaking community standards.

Making False Claims About a Product’s Healing Effects

If a product has not been proven by the FDA to have palliative or healing effects, you may not advertise it as such. Selling essential oils through your Amazon FBA account is fine (so long as you adhere to rules for selling liquids). Selling essential oils and claiming that they can cure cancer or some other disease or disorder is illegal and will get your account suspended.

Starting a New Account

Even if your first Amazon seller account is in good standing, opening a new one is not allowed. Unless you have express, written approval from Amazon that gives you permission to open a second account, doing so could get both of your accounts suspended. This also applies to opening a second account when your first account has been suspended. Don’t try to get around the rules, or you’ll be punished and you won’t be able to sell on Amazon FBA anymore.

Providing Poor Customer Service After the Sale

Finally, if you don’t respond to customers’ emails, if you cancel too many orders, if you confirm shipment on packages that have not shipped, or if you fail to provide accurate tracking for your packages, you could easily get your Amazon seller account suspended.

Along the same lines, it is against Amazon’s policies to offer customers compensation of any kind to retract negative reviews or feedback. So, if you want to keep selling Amazon FBA products, you need to make sure that you take care of your customers and pay attention to their feedback, even after the sale is complete and the product has shipped.

Follow this advice, and you should have no problem maintaining good standing with your Amazon FBA account. Good luck, and don’t forget to read the rules!

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