Amazon’s Product Photography Services For FBA Sellers

High-quality images encourage glanced views and increased sales. To help sellers with high-quality pictures that comply with the Amazon requirements, Amazon offers professional imaging services to the FBA sellers to get their products photographed that abide by the Amazon standards. 

Amazon will charge a fixed price of $50 for a small standard size item and $100 for complex products. For all large size products, the cost will be $150. All fashion products that require models are photographed for $150. The fee includes the cost of shipping the product to Amazon Studios, styling, and prep fees. It should take approx 15 days for the items to be sent to Amazon studios for imaging until they are returned to the inventory and uploaded on the Amazon website.

FBA Good Quality Photographs

FBA sellers can sign up for these services by following the steps below

  • Sign in to your Amazon sellers account.
  • Click on inventory and select Manage Inventory from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on an image of the item that you wish to enroll.
  • Please scroll down and click on the Let us Image your products (beta)
  • Confirm your order

Once the order is confirmed, Amazon will move the selected inventory from the Fulfillment center to the photo studio.

The number and styles of the images vary. Amazon will provide the seller with at least two different views for each product. However, sellers will have control over these photographed images. Amazon does not accommodate any special requests. If unsatisfied with the photos, there is no refund provided. In case the inventory gets misplaced or damaged during this transition, Amazon will reimburse for any loss, but this is not applicable for any damage or loss of apparel, jewelry, shoes, watches, perishables, and products that require assembly. In case of loss or damage to these items, there is no reimbursement by Amazon.

The seller can view the updated charges on the payment details page under “Other transactions. “Amazon will automatically upload the images for the items, and the seller will have an option to manage these images. Amazon reserves all copyrights for these images. These policies may vary for registered brand owners on Amazon. Given the limited seller control, flexibility, and strict refund policies by Amazon, it may not be a good bargain for many sellers. Many may hesitate to opt-in for these product photography services. Maybe down the road, Amazon will consider providing more seller favorable offers on such services to help both small and large scale businesses.

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