Amazon removes access to Buyer’s Name

Amazon recently made some changes to their system due to which app-developers like cannot access the buyer’s name. Therefore, you need to fix any campaign template that references either the buyer’s name, first name or last name.

To prevent incompletely written emails to be sent out to your buyers on Amazon, we disabled your Campaigns. To reenable your campaign, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Click on “CAMPAIGNS” on the left navigation bar.
  3. Click on the campaign’s name you want to enable.
  4. Change both the email subject and the content template as required. The fields are no more available for future use You need to remove any references to:
    • {{Buyer First Name}}
    • {{Buyer Last Name}}
    • {{Buyer Name}}
  5. Press “Save Changes” button. Press “I’m Done!” button.
  6. Finally, click on the button as shown below to reenable your campaign. That’s it!

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