Amazon Feedbacks vs Reviews

Amazon Feedbacks vs Reviews
Amazon Feedbacks vs Reviews

To be a successful seller on Amazon, there are many things that you must manage “behind the scenes”. You can’t only focus on providing your product; you must also consider customer service from start to finish. From the very moment a buyer sees a listing that you have provided, through convincing them to purchase, sending them an order, and connecting with them afterwards to build a positive working relationship, every aspect must be managed.

Luckily, or perhaps unluckily for some unsuccessful sellers, Amazon provides two ways in which sellers can track how they are performing, and how their products are serving buyers. These two things are feedback and reviews. New sellers may falsely believe, like many buyers do, that these are the same thing; but the truth is that feedback and reviews are two different things, with different purposes altogether.


To gain a quick understanding of how feedback and reviews are different, here is a quick overview:

  • Different Audience: While buyers can see both feedback and reviews, the product reviews are really for them. Seller feedback is largely for the seller’s purposes only.
  • Different Topic: Feedback is solely focused on the service provided by the seller, while reviews are focused on the product received.
  • Different Location: Feedback is displayed on the Amazon seller’s profile, as a star rating. Reviews are located on a product listing page, and include both star ratings and written reviews.

Those three key differences are all you really need to understand how feedback and reviews are different. But what isn’t apparent from that quick overview is why they are different, and what purpose each type of evaluation really serves. The fact is that both of these tools can make a huge difference in your success as an Amazon seller. Let’s dive into each to learn more about how they differ, and how they can help you get more sales, more consistently.

Amazon Seller Feedback

Amazon seller feedback is an evaluation of the service you provided throughout the entire transaction. Customers can leave a star rating as well as a written review that relates to your service. This includes the following, according to Amazon’s help center:

  • How fast an item was shipped, and if it arrived within the estimated deadline.
  • If the product was of the quality and condition described, and if it included the features described.
  • How pleasant, efficient, and helpful any contact with your customer service team was during the transaction.
  • If the buyer would choose to shop with you again.

Finally, sellers can prompt customers to comment on anything they believe could have improved their experience overall.

There are some restrictions to Amazon seller feedback, which Amazon does not allow. If feedback includes any of the following, sellers can request that the feedback be removed from their account:

  • Feedback that is entirely focused on the product, rather than the seller’s description of, or delivery of, the product.
  • Comments that include profanity.
  • Feedback that includes the seller’s personal information. Some customers may try to “dox” sellers that they disagreed with. Amazon does not allow this practice.
  • Feedback that includes promotional content for other merchants or websites (such as “I wish I had bought from Store XYZ instead!’ for example.)
  • Feedback that is entirely focused on shipment and delivery for an FBA item.

Seller feedback is then averaged, and your average seller rating is displayed on your seller profile. When a buyer sees a listing that belongs to you on Amazon, or when they click to see other buying options in the marketplace, they’ll be able to see your average star rating next to your seller name. Here are some ways that good feedback can help you get more sales:

  • An excellent average feedback rating can make it much easier to win the Buy Box. Customers are far more likely to click on a Buy Box listing than they are to dive into the marketplace offerings, simply because of how prominently the Buy Box is displayed.
  • Savvy shoppers who do check other marketplace offerings to get the best deals do notice seller feedback ratings. Most buyers are far more likely to purchase a product from a five-star service that is priced a few cents, or even a few dollars, higher than the same product for less, but from a three- or four-star seller.
  • A good feedback rating is vital to keeping your Amazon seller account open and unrestricted. If your seller account receives too many negative feedback ratings, Amazon can restrict your account, place a hold on your payments, and even shut your shop down altogether.

As you can see, managing your seller feedback is very important to being a successful seller on Amazon. That is why services like FeedbackEmails exists, to help you automate the process of requesting and receiving feedback.

Amazon Product Reviews

Product reviews, on the other hand, are evaluations of the item received. Amazon is a very product-centric marketplace. This means that when a buyer logs in to Amazon, and searches or browses through listings, they see everything in terms of product. Instead of seeing “Store ABC”, and clicking through that merchant’s listing to find products, they see a list of products that match their search terms or selected browsing filters.

So product reviews are the most prominent thing that buyers will see when they are cruising around the Amazon website. These consist of a star rating, as well as a comment field where buyers can leave a detailed review. While your seller feedback can give you the edge in where you are displayed, and help a consumer make their final decision between you and a competitor, the product reviews are truly going to lure customers in for a purchase.

Amazon has a strict policy regarding manipulated reviews, so it’s difficult for sellers to be proactive about getting better product reviews. The best practice is to monitor these evaluations, and do what you can to fix issue with your product, or improve your product listing, after the fact, so that future sales are not affected.

Use All the Tools Available

FeedbackEmails offers Amazon sellers the best way to ensure that all customers have a chance to leave seller feedback. While you are sending requests for feedback, you can also offer links to leave a product review, and offer better customer service before the buyer has a chance to leave bad feedback.

By using these tools, you can mange your Amazon seller reputation, and experience much more success in the marketplace.

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